None of this furniture is real.

Our 3D artists and interior design staff created it all digitally, using only a photograph of an empty space and they did it for pennies on the dollar of traditional staging services.

Virtual Staging Add-on

+$129 (requires a photo package)
  • 5 virtually staged images
  • You choose the rooms to stage
  • Wide library of styles & elements
  • $19 for each image after 5
Virtual staging

Better results at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual staging shows buyers the potential of a space without the need for expensive furniture rental. Best of all virtual staging is just a small fraction of the cost of traditional staging.

A better way

Stop the madness of furniture moving

The whole point of staging is to show prospective buyers the potential of your space. Fortunately, you no longer have to move a truckload of expensive furniture around to do that.

Virtual Staging by scatterscape allows you customize your empty with any look you want. Now you have the power to inspire interested buyers the smart way.

Move the sliders to see the power of our Virtual Staging solutions.

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The full potential of your space.

Inspire buyers by showing them everything your space could be with furniture, artwork and decor from any style imaginable.

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